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Welcome to Waylandscape

My name is Gary Waidson, or Wayland as I’m better known by some.

Photography and the landscape have been twin passions of mine for a couple of decades now and I’m hoping to share some of that passion with you in these pages.

Gary Waidson in Norway
Roker light over Parson's Rock

I studied Photography full time at Gloucester in the Eighties, worked professionally for a while and experimented personally for much longer, but often felt rather frustrated by the mechanics of the process.

Many people feel that the immediacy of photography is one of it’s great strengths and at times it does have it’s uses.

A sea eagle over the peaks of Lofoten.

However, as a landscape photographer, I felt the “instantaneous” nature of photography often excluded a very important element from the scene.           Time.

I have spent many hours in different landscapes waiting for the so called “decisive moment”. That instant that will tell the real story.    Sometimes I have been fortunate.

Tandlewood in the mist.

The problem though is that the real story very often isn’t as short as 125th of a second, or even a minute.

A painter would draw upon the essence of a location over time. A moment, a day or a month could be distilled into a single picture, in a way that for many years, a photographer could only dream of.

Recently things have changed.

In these galleries you will find scenes recorded in less than the blink of an eye, others in the time it takes to truly breathe in the air and some are the products of scattered moments, drawn together to recreate the real impression I gained over time at a location.

I will talk in some places about techniques I use and in others just about the landscape or it’s inhabitants.

Sunset Way

This site will be organic in nature, it will grow and change as new locations appear, old pictures may fade away and some places will be revisited many times.

It is a voyage that reflects my own journeys; geographically, chronologically and in some places philosophically too as I try to connect to a deeper understanding of the landscape and environment around us.

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Gary Waidson has held the Distinction of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain since  1994

I hope the images you see here will be real portraits of the places that I travel through. My personal vision of our World.

Perhaps they can reveal something that photography and fine art have striven to depict many times.

The true spirit of our landscape.

Dunstanburgh Castle at Low Tide
Award winning landscape photography by Wayland
Award winning landscape photography by Wayland