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Kilchurn Castle. Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson

Glen Orchy

28th April 2008


Now Kilchurn Castle is not in Glen Orchy at all of course, but it is connected, as it was built by Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy in the Fifteenth Century.

It has stood in this place on Loch Awe since then and fell into poor repair in the Eighteenth Century when it was finally abandoned.

Aesthetically, it is difficult to imagine any worse vandalism that could have occurred than the building of this eyesore of a jetty, so that tourists can be charged for a boat trip to the ruins, rather than walk out to it as everyone else did before.

Here I have tried to tone it down a bit, but this classic aspect from the far shore is now forever spoiled I fear, all for the want of a short walk.

In Glen Orchy itself one of my favorite spots is the falls at Eas Urchaldh.

As the water level in the river changes then so do the opportunities for photography.

This time the river was low and getting in close to the rock texture and water was a good and safe possibility.

Eas Urchaldh. Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson
Eas Urchaldh. Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson

I should say that the river is deep and fast here, and moving across slippery rocks presents  dangers that always need to be carefully accessed.

In Summer the falls can be quite busy with sightseers and picnickers but on this occasion they were deserted

I prefer to work here with company just in case a slip should dump me into the rapids, but on this occasion, working alone, great care was necessary as I moved around the location.

The particular combination of rock, water and time here have carved these falls into a maze of cascading water and strange rock forms that can provide literally hundreds of points of view.

My usual problem here, is a kind of sensory overload, that leaves me wondering where to point my camera next.

I think of all the shots I took here, my favorite is the one below which seemed to capture the chaotic nature of the place.

This is another location that warrants further visits in the future.

From here I returned to the head of Glen Coe after a fruitless stop at Black Mount on the way.

My camp was near the entrance to Glen Etive which brought me around, full circle to where I began my day.

Eas Urchaldh. Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson
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