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Hartland Point Post. Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson

Hartland, Devon.

9th January 2009

In contrast to the day before, we woke up to clear skies just before dawn.

We had set our sights on an early shot of the lighthouse on the Point but for some reason I just couldn’t find the shot I wanted this time.

I like lighthouses, there is something I find quite photogenic about them but I think for this one I needed to be down at sea level and there was no easy way to get down there as far as I could see.

It was especially disappointing as there was a dramatic looking wreck on the rocks below that was crying out to be the foreground interest for the shot.

I did find this old fence post, lit up against the sea cliffs beyond for a quick shot before moving on.

Hartland Quay. Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson

At Hartland Quay we were able to get down to the sea.

Hartland Quay Rocks. Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson

A ramp built between the Hotel and the bay gives access to a rocky  landscape washed constantly by the sea.

It is very important here to keep a close watch on the tide as the sea can quickly cut an unwary soul off from the ramp and leave you stranded & potentially in danger.

The brightness of the sun on this day meant that exposure times were shortening so much that I needed to use a neutral density to avoid stopping the motion of the water.

As I have said before, I like my photographs to capture the spirit of a location and as the sea is in constant motion I feel that motion is an essential element in depicting the coast.

Some people do not like the use of long exposures with water saying that it is creates a false effect.

You could equally say the same of short exposures capturing every droplet and freezing them in mid air.

Each technique has it’s place I think but my preference has always been to portray the fluid nature of water in my pictures.

The geology of Hartland Quay is fascinating in itself, even a rank amateur like myself can see the results of cataclysmic forces that have buckled and folded the rocks through the ages here.

Hartland Quay Rocks. Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson

I have already made a mental note to return here when the light better suits the cliff face formations.

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