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Dunham Massey

5th June 2013.

Dunham Tree Artwork. Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson

These shots came from an evening out with Stockport PS, a local photographic society of which I am a member.

I learned an amazing amount of my craft in such groups and although they seem to have become less fashionable in this internet age I think they still have much to offer.

Sometimes I need a little push to get me out of the door and some of the club competitions and challenges are just the right incentive.

On this occasion we were looking for shots in a small geographic area that three clubs must produce all the entries in an inter club battle.

I use the word battle, because although it is all very friendly the competition between such clubs is always intense.

Unfortunately the area chosen was devoid of the kind of landscape I usually look for so a club outing in the area concentrated my attention on smaller details rather than the wider views I normally favour.

It also provided me with an ideal opportunity to experiment with an idea that I have been turning over in my mind for a while.

This idea was brought into sharper focus after seeing a wonderful exhibition of work by a remarkably talented member of the club, Adrian McGarry

The shot of the tree damaged by deer above is the first in a series of images that I hope will embrace a more “painterly” approach to my photography.

More on that in the future I think.

We ended, as so many such occasions do, in a nice local pub giving me time to wait for the light to fade so I could get the shot I really wanted.

Although it was a clear day, vapour trails from the local airport provided just the right amount of detail in the sky and when the light eventually lit, I had my shot.

Sometimes it’s nice to keep things simple.

Dunham Light. Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson
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Award winning landscape photography by Wayland
Award winning landscape photography by Wayland