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19th March 2022


In case it is not immediately apparent I should say this is not Castlerigg. It is Gunnerside which is a quick stop we made on the way.

I shot this scene on film many years ago and had long intended to make a return visit. Needless to say, nothing much had changed but I now have it in my digital library as well.


Apart from doing a little reconnaissance on the way, our real target was the stone circle at Castlerigg. Properly called the Carles by the way.

I had done some night shots here before with good results and I had a new idea that I wanted to try so here we were with a ball of wire wool and some light painting equipment.

No damage was done to the grass or the stones in the process of taking this shot of course. In fact as is often the case we had to clean up the site before we could take pictures. 

A small group of new age stoners were camping in the corner of the field and showing no great love for the location judging by the trash they were strewing about.  No respect for anyone or anything.

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