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Smailholm Tower

Borders Region

2nd and 3rd February 2014

Heading North to work with a school in Edinburgh I decided to dodge between the storms and check out a couple of new locations.

Smailholm Tower in the Borders of Scotland was built in the 1400s to defend against raiders in troublesome times.

Now it stands on a crag, at the end of a muddy farm track, overlooking a millpond.

I think it’s a location that has a lot of potential, especially when the reeds in the pond have grown a bit more in the Spring.


The clearing rain clouds revealed a bit of colour in what would otherwise have been a lacklustre sky.


The next morning brought more cloud and flattish indirect lighting while a lazy wind was trying to go straight me instead of going around.

There are pictures to be found here but these are not quite there yet.

Looking East the sun was rising behind layers of cloud which did not bode well for the weather but did provide a cracking sunrise.

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Award winning landscape photography by Wayland
Award winning landscape photography by Wayland