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Lune's Bridge

Lune’s Valley

5th June 2008

A shamelessly sentimental set here. Tebay is where my Father’s side of the family came from and I spent a lot of time here as a kid.

One of my Dad’s passions was fishing and was involved in the formation of the Fishing Club in Tebay ( I think they may have changed the name since those days. )

This spot is where I caught my first brown trout as a lad and the bridge used to carry the traffic towards Kendal before the construction of a new bridge which was needed after the motorway was built through the valley.

The water is as low as I’ve ever seen it here, on occasions the water rises high under the arch and this gentle stream becomes a torrent.

In the pool just above the bridge I spotted an otter but didn’t get the chance of a good shot. I couldn’t help but wonder how popular he is with the anglers but I’m glad to see him there.

Another spot we used to visit was Sunbiggin Tarn. My memories of the tarn are full of noisy seagulls as there used to be a small colony of some type here amongst the reeds but I could see no sign of them now.

It is a quiet spot now, visited mainly by walkers on Wainright’s Coast to Coast path and nostalgic old photographers like me.

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Award winning landscape photography by Wayland
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Award winning landscape photography by Wayland