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Hebden Water, Yorkshire. Landscape photography by Gary Waidson.

Hardcastle Crags. Yorkshire.

20th May 2007

The Dale below Hardcastle Crags is cut through by the healthy stream of Hebden Water which drains it’s peaty liquor from the moors and mires that abound in this area.

The water has a rich brown colour and it foams slightly as it cascades through the Dale.

Jim Howarth rang me up and asked if I fancied a day out and we decided to drop into this area as an alternative to a trip further north that I had planned.

It wasn’t my first trip to the area but it was the first time I really noticed the way the foam and bubbles moved around on the surface of the water.

Fortunately the air was very still in the valley so I could experiment with long exposures to catch the swirling patterns traced by the lighter bubbles on the dark water.

This was a theme I would pursue further at Lumb Hole a few miles away.

Although the early Summer foliage was was enticing we could both see that this location would aslo be spectacular in it’s Autumnal garb.


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Award winning landscape photography by Wayland
Award winning landscape photography by Wayland
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