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Birkdale Sheepfold BW


5th June 2008

I mentioned once before that Birkdale is a lonely place, well that was not the case on this day.

It seems the Birkdale road becomes a main road when people are travelling to or trying to avoid the Appleby Horse Fair, I’ve never seen the place so busy.

I think it’s the first time I’ve ever had to wait for vehicles moving on the road that runs through this picture and I had to wait quite some time for a clear spell.

A few miles away I have been keeping my eye on this remarkable hawthorn tree that is growing from a crack in a rock like a natural bonsai tree.

I check it out whenever I am in the area but it never seems to get the light it needs to make a real picture.

Time will tell........

Gary Waidson has held the Distinction of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain since  1994
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Award winning landscape photography by Wayland
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Award winning landscape photography by Wayland